3 replies to "Conure Turquoise Parrots Arrived | Pyrrhura Molinae | New Addition in Parrot Family | Jeddah 2021"

    • Amal Das

      Soooooooooo cute

    • Kik padodo

      Poor birds ­čś× srry dude but you don't know how to raise parrot.
      Whoever want to buy a bird, please do a research before you buy them.
      Birds aren't a cage animal, they need minimum 6 hours of freedom a day, at least 1 hour of attention and they need a constant activity.
      They need to be able to fly from side to side in the cage, they need toys inside of it and they need good food, like vegetables or pallets.
      Ohh and they need ti fly in order of burning calories, don't ever cut their wings!
      I really feel sorry for those birds ­čś×

      Btw, they also need a real wooden perch, woth dents and different shapes, not the cheap one you get with the cage, they also need a bath every 2-3 days, just give them a bowl of water they'll do all the work themselves.

    • S & S Vines

      Very nice .. hope to see more of these

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