Green Cheek Conure Talking & Sounds | Talking Parrot.

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    12 replies to "Green Cheek Conure Talking & Sounds | Talking Parrot"

    • GalacticResidue

      What were they chewing on in the end they seem to enjoy it. Thanks

    • Mark Diaz

      Is that a squash they are eating from at the last portion of the video?

    • Daisy Marie

      Fake 😂 video but still funny

    • Ruby's page

      I ordered one of Amazon haven't got it. Hopefully he likes it

    • 3 Furbabies & houseplants -Aurela ,Esmee and Gemma

      Omg so cute 🥰

    • Angela Hill

      I would love to have one of the guys, but the prices are crazy and I already have 2 budgies at home. I'm afraid they wouldn't get along anyways.

    • Nina Baebae

      Can’t hear him with the loud music !

    • Jose Anzures

      How much a bird like this can cost?

    • Sanjay Ghosh

      Wow so pretty🥰😍

    • Samuel Lizarraga

      Hello, I'm from California, I(we) have 3 green check conures, older one is 5 years old ,the two are 3/5 old kiwi, estrella and valentina being the oldest, I want to change their diet, for the most part I feed them fruits and sesame seeds mix with other ingredients, it's there something else I can add to their diet?

    • Anna Maria Yannetta

      Where can I get is bell rattle for my conure green cheek parrot Charlie??

    • Smellmyfingers

      My dads conure loves everyone but me I don’t get it if I go in a 5 cm radius he’s gonna bite me I don’t get it

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