How-To Clip a Bird’s Wings: Easy Steps!

There are different ways to clip a bird’s wings. This video demonstrates how I personally clip my parrots, including my 3 Pacific Parrotlets.

Parrots are all unique – what works well for one bird and/or species may not work well for another. Always consult your qualified avian vet. Parrots should always be caged or harnessed when taken outside. No parrots were harmed in the making of this video.


Hairdressing Scissors:

Should I Clip my Parrot’s Wings:

Parrot Care – Beak & Nail Trims:

How-To Tame a Parrotlet:



Music: Morning Sun – Nicolai Heidlas

    12 replies to "How to Clip a Parrot's Wings: Easy Steps!"

    • Paul

      There’s literally nothing wrong with this. You people are freaking out over nothing 😂😂😂

    • Gustave The Nile croc

      If you want a flightless bird get a kiwi or a kakapo

    • Bettas 4 Life

      Why would you do this. This is so wrong. Birds need to fly for their health. They can get depression, health problems and be very stressed. This is awful and should not be done

    • The Daily Rai

      what the actual heck why r u cutting ur birds feathers if u don’t want a flying animal there r PLENTY of other nonflyers the second bird
      clearly nipped at u it didn’t want u to do that this should be taken down

    • If you mad stay mad , we not alike😩

      Why tf are clipping a birds wing

      And why tf are you teaching people this? Would you like your hands or legs getting cut of smh

    • notzameer_OG

      This is the best way not to make your bird fly away.

    • Hoihoi Hoi

      Dont teach people how to clip the feathers. Leave it to a professional…

    • Random Stranger

      Don’t clip their wings what if a giant grabbed you and was cutting you hair but you don’t want a hair cut plus not clipping could prevent biteing and make them happier birds they where made to fly so if the person reading this does not want a flying animal don’t get a bird it’s better to get something like a hamster

    • Shakir Shine

      You should leave first 2 feathers.

    • Blass

      if you don't want a flying pet, guess what! There's plenty of OTHER animals you can get that dont fly

    • Almighty_ _Owl1009

      People are not using their minds in the comments its OK to clip a birds feathers
      Its for their safety

    • Evaplayz

      Birds need to fly please don’t do this I love birds a lot I am not trying to be rude and be a hater I just want to keep birds safe and this is not for health care and I know a lot about birds so don’t come hating on me

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