Yes, generally a parrot from an exotic bird store is tame and friendly. That is one advantage to getting your fid from a shop. However, sometimes it takes a little while to sell a parrot and they don’t always get handled and loved while they wait. So, they can ‘forget’ how to be tame.

You can re-tame them, especially if they have been hand fed. It just takes time and dedication.

Decide how quickly you want to tame your parrot. The more time you spend with your parrot, the faster the taming will go. When I’m taming a parrot, I try to spend 6 hours a day with them. For that time, I have them either on me or at least in my proximity. They can be near by on a perch or on my shoulder (shoulder is only for a small parrot or one I don’t think will bite/hurt me or my ear or face).

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    20 replies to "How To Tame A #Parrotlet #Parrot_Bliss"

    • a google user

      I have a female clipped hand fed but not tame. I've been training inside the cage because she won't do it outside and just wants to fly off outside of the cage. Been using a carrier also

    • Anon V

      I just got an untamed parrotlet. Im guessing the previous owner is around them enough to the point where they aren’t afraid of people/hands but doesn’t hands on tame them.
      I just got her today and she already felt comfortable enough to step up if I have treat but then she starts biting my hand/wrist and won’t get off 😂 ouch. How do I stop this? She left some marks and kind of broke skin a little and now the bite wounds are swelling 😂 I washed it, alcohol it, and put on some ointment over it but jeez do their bites hurt 😩
      But very gentle when using her beak to step up or to grab a tiny seed from my finger 🤷😂

      Bc I got her off Craigslist Idk how old she is really. The previous owner said she was born on Jan 8th of this year, but on the Craigslist ad she said they’re 8 wks old but the ad was posted 20 days ago…. The math doesn’t make sense but regardless lol it needs to stop biting

    • Ann Asher

      You don’t get a parrotlet cause you want a nice bird. You get a parrotlet when ya want an asshole lol I speak from the heart as a parrotlet lover

    • Tim Klarenbeek

      Can you make a parrotlat tame without it being hand fed? I am getting one this weekend who is 7 weeks old. So exciting 🙂

    • angel witchywilding

      they are called celestial parrotlets in the uk

    • angel witchywilding

      i have 2 bright blue parrotlets but yeah they keep climbing the cage :/

    • christie silva

      Love your videos, you know so much about parrots, didn.t know the baby parrotlets nip alot…thanks

    • jojo1828v

      I agree with not clipping wings unless it's necessary too. I think it takes their natural bird ability. I pay too because my one parrotlet thinks its great fun to fly around when it's time to go in the cage for bed 🤣 They can be stinkers some times!

    • madeline rivera

      Hello I would like to know would you have any email parallel for sale my name is Madeline

    • Adoranimals Tv

      I just bought 2 parrotlets yesterday from a pet store and they were being hand fed with milk powder for birds..when I brought them home they are so afraid of being touched or hand fed by me.. I have a quaker parrot as well and when I take the female parrotlet out of her cage she runs straight up to the quaker and they start biting each other lolll..I'm so confused how to tame them now. how should I teach them not to fight with each other? and the parrotlets don't step up on my hand yet..I guess I need a lot of time to tame them both

    • Donna Nelson

      I have a family member who has an African Gray parrot they got as a baby. The bird is now about 25 years old. He hasn’t been out of his cage since he was a baby. They don’t clean his cage other than changing the paper in the bottom of the cage and the food dishes, and only because they can do these two things without getting the bird out of the cage. The rest of the cage is filthy. They say he is perfectly happy and they base this on the fact that this bird doesn’t pluck his feathers, he talks a lot and he eats well. I have tried repeatedly to convince them to re-home him to someone who will let him out to fly and be a bird. It sickens me that they treat this poor bird this way. I’d report them to the local animal welfare but they’d know it was me and it would create a lot of problems within our family. Is it possible that this bird is content because he just doesn’t know any different? Any suggestions?

    • Exasperant

      Saw a couple of parrotlets earlier (unless I was looking in the wrong cage, guy said they were yellow lutinos, but they looked green with yellow chests to me *shrug*) but I was told as they weren't hand raised they'll never be tame. In fact, they'll never go back to their cage of their own accord, even.

      Was also told as long as I had a decent sized cage, they'd never have to come out anyway.

      The guy has apparently birded his entire life, but… I don't know. Somewhere between uneasy and unconvinced by what he said. Is there any truth to it?

    • Paul Langton-Rogers

      I once rescued a badly injured dove I found on a road which had two damaged wings and was bleeding a lot. After caring for his wounds with a trip to the vet I managed to nurse it back to health as his wings were not broken It took 3-4 weeks and during this time he wasn't eating so I had to find ways to feed him and get him interested in food. One thing he loved was the white stringy bits inside banana which I dangled over his head like a worm lol. Then gradually he started eating seeds from my hand. He got tame surprisingly fast after being really scared and backing away at first. It was so rewarding to see him fly away from my hands after those weeks living with me and seeing him ready to fly. He did a circle flight and perched in a tree near my apartment balcony briefly as if to say I'm ok thank you!

    • Paul Langton-Rogers

      Why do they bite rings a lot? I've seen so many do this young ones and adults. Maybe they are just curious about shiny things and think its a toy or is it something to do cleaning/sharpening their beaks? I read on Wikipedia many of these parrots have the same intelligence and cognitive ability as a higher primate or a 2 year old human child which really surprised me.

    • Raul Izquierdo

      i have a parrotlet and he does not want to be anywhere near me , i go him at 2 months ive tried food treats wating etc.. he hops on my fingers when hes on the ground but thats it other than that hes like no thanks stay away. im beyond sad. but i guess ill just have a bird i can pick up off the ground.

    • M.K

      I got a parrotlet 2 weeks ago and his 3 months old, he wasnt hand feed and he is very calm. Now i can give him head scratches and he lets me get close sometimes but he wont EVER stepup. I have been chasing him at some point when i need to leave home right then and there and hes out of his cage. He steps up when he is exhausted of flying away. I dont know if that has caused trauma, which i dont think because he seems totally normal against me, he isnt more scared in my presence. he never bites me and if he does its only by curiousity. It feels like im doing everything wrong. What can I do? Ive tried making him step up with a treat and when he does step up accidently i always praise him. What can I do?

    • Kaleigh King

      I brought home a pacific parrotlet about 2 weeks ago and he seems to be too used to me meaning he does not like being in his cage and if someone is in the room while he is in there he will throw a tantrum trying to get out. When he is out he does not like being anywhere besides on me, like burrowed in my hair or on top of my head. Had this happened to you in the beginning with your parrotlet? Any tips to make him comfortable being away from me in his cage and on a perch outside of his cage etc?

    • melia☝️🤓

      no one:
      not a single soul:

    • cabbage

      Thank you for the tips! I just got a parrotlet today and even though I’ve done research before I am still super nervous.

    • Tongue-Tied Cartel

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I will most certainly use this. Your video gives me hope and motivation to be an better bird dad.

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