Hi Buddies,
Have you ever tried to tame your bird, only to find it a frustrating experience with no clear instructions on what to do? Everything that works for others doesn’t seem to work for you and your stubborn bird.
In this video you’ll learn the most effective techniques that have worked for me and other bird owners, and I’ll share all the tips and tricks that have helped me form strong bonds with my own pet birds.
These are 20 ways to tame and bond with your bird.


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    19 replies to "How to Tame your bird and BOND with it"

    • Mushroom froggo

      I’ve tried so many techniques and none of them work I tried them daily 😢

    • Luiz Castro

      They literally watch me sleep

    • cupcake_wolf


    • Arham-go7t

      I tamed my bird so much that he learned how to dance in my hand whenever I saw a command❤

    • Dominus

      I have one fully tamed female bird and one untamed male bird and tried steps but it doesn't work

    • YourDailyInitials

      Im getting 2 birds and i dont have enough money to buy another cage, can i put one in the carrier, try and tame the one in the cage for 15 mins and put the one in the carrier back? Or would that be something you wouldnt recommend as i want something like a finch or canarie and they dont like being alone

    • Mahir Siddique

      Does feeding with a spoon work?

    • Sohaib Raza

      What is the name of this Food you give to bird?

    • tingting wang

      I got a budgie yesterday and I named her sky she is a rare mutation and she is clearly showing trust she grinds her beak at me and she is eating sometime

    • Dominus

      I got a new male budgie yesterday and I already tamed him really fast but I keep repeating to get used to me like my female budgie months ago

    • Simple kitchen

      If I can get my clownfish (yes you read that right) to let me pet her during feedings this can't be that hard right?

    • Salami

      Does this work on wild pigeons?

    • tracyp107

      Is this narrated by Kermit?

    • Potatas

      i must say out of all of those i only didnt like 2 of those tips and ill mention the reasons y aswell
      idk the numbers of it and i dont want to check so
      1. taking your bird out using a mirror – birds usually cant tell the dif for a reflection and this can be bad because they may not want to come out if they dont see that mirror and they may behave aggressivly after u put the mirror away
      2. getting a chick (baby birdie) – most ppl watching this vid r either ppl who have experience with birds and r here to give honest personal advice for new ppl or those who dont know abt having a birdie. for the ppl who dont know abt having a birdie, haveing a baby birdie (chick) is a LOT of effort and EXTREMELY difficult and, ill be honest i have only had 1 birdie before and he is still with me but i have doe my fair share of research on baby birdies and i dont recommend this because a lot of ppl may not know what they doing a lot of the time and if you do then usually u wouldnt rly be lookin at a vid like this bc u alr know abt having a birdie
      granted my wording is off but this is just my opinion 🙂

    • Asena

      Thank you so much. I'm trying to take care of my little blue chicken these days. She used to get farther away from me when I got close to her cage in the past but after we moved and i started spending more time near her because of my little job, she now doesn't fly away, she just goes crazy when i reach my hand inside her cage to fix something or fill her food and water. İ sometimes baby talk her while working and my sister says that she listens to me very well. İ love my little nugget, and yesterday I almost couldn't sleep thinking of watching your videos to learn about bird care and to take better care of her. I love her so much and thank you so much for making these videos ☺️

    • ReyxIga

      So am I not supposed to let my birds out for a few months?

    • Horses Play Roblox

      This doesn’t work I think the 1 owner abused them because they are scared of everyone 😭 but my parrots just scream at me when I’m singing and then they start to sing and I’m just like geez 🙄 😂

    • 🐾•Kay•Bae•🐾STOP ANIMAL TESTING!!-

      Never use mirrors or cuffs on your birds. It’s very dangerous for its health

    • Heisenberg

      How do i actually bond with my bird? It doesn’t stay in the same place and doesn’t let me do anythinf to try and tame it. Please help, i can’t apply any tips if my bird isn’t there to apply on

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