HOW TO TAME YOUR BIRD AND MAKE THEM LIKE YOU! Here are tips that worked for me! Let me know more in the comments if you have any!!
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5 things in your house that can KILL your pet bird!

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    22 replies to "How to Tame Your Bird/Make them like you more! (feat. Sun Conure & Severe Macaw)"

    • Goce Budinoski

      hi i just buy sun conure i had him for one week and i tried to feed him but hi is still scarry of my hand but hi eat seeds from my hand but its not steping on my hand and is pulling back always i keep the cage open almost all day and hi is out but wont be frendly whit me . any sugestion how to tame it . thanks

    • Tattooed Granny

      You know what you’re talking about, keep at it.

    • Parrots and More

      I have a severe Macaw! Well my mother does, she bought him 20yrs ago and he instantly fell in love with me. He hates everybody else including my mother. I did nothing to make him like me, he just picked me for some reason. Now I have a parrot🤣😂. So my mother bought a new parrot. Guess what? That bird picked my daughter as soon as she walked in the house. He only likes her. So now we have two parrots and my poor mother still hasn’t found one for herself. Birds choose people! People can NOT choose a bird. If a bird likes you, you will know the second you walk in a room. If it has no reaction to you, or it tries to bite. Don’t buy it! Just wait, you will find one that will light up when you go near it. It takes time

    • Eric P

      My god. Talked for 10 minutes and said nothing.

    • O B

      I love u 🏳️‍🌈
      And u r mine

    • Taylor Martinez

      I remember watching this video a few years ago when I was wanting to get a sun conure. and now I finally have one but she loves my husband and hates me.😩

    • Sabrina Weights

      how would you take you bird out if you have a dog

    • Beanie

      He's a sun conure. Does anyone have suggestions? He won't come on my hand but takes food from it.

    • Beanie

      My bird takes food out of me hand but won't let me hold him. I put him on my hand and he flies to the cage. He's 8 months old. I got him 4 weeks ago. Is this normal? I thought they want you to hold them.

    • Tyrack

      Every room on my house is pretty much connected to the kitchen in a open room concept…I thought Teflon was not used anymore…I get if things are being cooked to put your bird back so they don't fly onto anything hot, or take to another room if you are doing an oven clean, is that the only things?

    • Sumire Taniai

      The test was cute but was missing pionus!! sad face

    • ThatOneDeer

      Майка ти

    • Vanessa Farber

      I'd just like my senegal to sit on my shoulder, he's very tame but sits on my head, keeps grabbing my glases and and sliding down my face, that scratches snd hurts. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you so much. Oh ive only now found you xxx

    • Funnymadison12

      ok so i have a amazon parrot and he is very cage aggresive soo even being by his cage he doesnt want anyone near it he will bite and if he gets out of the cage like willing and just hangs on top of his cage its hell from there.. he in order to even behave,, and like anyone… he would need to be in a whole different living space to do so. i got him to step up while he was in his cage and i was shook. because he hates everything and everyone..

    • Rina

      I don’t why but my bird rio he always like to go to the kitchen
      Me: calmly saying come here you little bud it’s not good for you I won’t find you come

    • Glitchy_18

      Like a green blue feathers and like white skin in his chin

    • Glitchy_18

      I have a rare pet

    • Over Salt

      Mango is really cool

    • Kayda

      I have a pineapple conure and he loves to be out of the cage but It scares me because when hes he is out he dosnt listen to me AT ALL and he trys to run around and get into stuff

    • Redfoot turtle

      What if my living room is open to the kitchen his cage is behind a wall so it should block the fumes and we don’t cook a lot

    • Viv 🫶🏻

      I can’t let my bird out of the cage cuz I got cats..

    • Paul Fedoruk

      to sing to them or turn on the music

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