How to Tame Your Parrot in No Time | Taming Secrets


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    24 replies to "How to Tame Your Parrot in No Time | Taming Secrets"

    • j grinnell

      I have Kakaraki and he will come to my hand and feed but won’t let me touch him then flys away , he’s 4 months maybe clip wings ?

    • Narender Kumar

      Guys i want to share something with you all that i have also an alexandrine Parrot and i tame my parrot easily the trick is feed your parrot by your hand 😊 and give your parrot some time ❤ i also give my parrot 2 months and in 2 months my parrot allow me to touch sit on hand kiss and she also says hello just in 2 months yess give your parrot some time talk to your parrot innypur free time this is my personal experience thanks bye bye ❤

    • XFenRsT Gaming

      You see 😅😅 my parrot is a very agressive one when ever i sit near it or try to touch it his eyes are always just a dot an it makes me scared of him

    • Bird Day Parties

      You are a good trainier! I learned a lot from it💪💪👍👍

    • factsRfacts

      Thanks a lot for the video. Its very helpful

    • Nupur Khan

      I waited a year for it to tame it

    • T J

      The issue I'm having is that it walks away from me scared…… I don't get a chance to come close to him. What should it do ????

    • yuv yuh

      i love you(rizz)

    • Luchendrix

      Thanks for the video, good advice. Any tips for a young ringneck that bites hard and too often?

    • Charlotte McCroary

      Do not trim/clip there wings this is traumatic for your bird and can cause behavioural problems

    • Gamerdudes 2.0

      Normal people-try it
      Legend people-lets see comments
      Ultra legend Pro max people-dont have parrot or birds still see.Why?

    • Trxshy

      My parrot absolutely hates hands, I cannot clean its cage without getting a threat or warning that it'll bite me, and the cage is very dirty! It's full of poop and waste such as food. I really do not know what to do

    • Tanya Shrivastava

      I have 2 adult ring necks male and female( I guess 3-4year old or maybe more)… the place where I got them said they are captive born and I highly suspect that cuz they clearly are wild and not used to humans. It's been 1.5 months I had been trying a lot of stuff, trying to feed them with my hand the male does try to befriend me but the female immediately bites him if he tries to come close to us and she starts to fly around the cage. what shall I do…shall I release them? cuz they are quiet too, female shouts in the morning when she hear a flock of parrots flying above the home but rest of the time she is quiet and the male one tries to be friendly sometimes but female ring neck immediately screams at him or bite him… IDK what to do

    • wooper supremacy

      i got a ringneck parrot yesterday he runs away to when I give him food with my hand he doesn't come close I'm gonna try these tips

    • BiggyIsMee

      Another tip is that you should move slowly around the bird! Although it depends how the bird is, you don't want to startle it and I find that the birds I raise like it better when I move slowly and not so suddenly!!

    • Improvement guru

      I have ringneck parrot under a year will it be tamed?

    • MR T PRICE

      Thanks very much for the video lil bro

    • Aaliyah Macintosh

      Excellent thank you – going to try this 🤲🏻😊😊🤲🏻

    • The Goose Who Games

      i bought my ringeck at 6 months old and she refuses to let anyone near her and its been 2 years now. we have been training with her everyday and she always has a major freakout everytime we put our hands near the cage. do you have any advice?

    • Agha Mujahid

      I have 2 parrots but are so affair of me and come on my hand and don't talk to me I give them alot of time plz tell how I tame my parrots on hand and how I teach him to talk

    • Jinitive

      Hi is there somewhere I can privately message you regarding my IRN? I need advice please.

    • The-RoGamer

      Your parrot looks 100% like my parrot

    • Muhammad Ali

      Wouldn't he will bite us when we will put our hand in his cage

    • Prateek Pundhir

      What's the age of this parrot

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