Hey Birbsquad! In today’s video I’m going to discuss if a green cheek conure parakeet is the right beginner parrot for different types of lifestyles. Whether a green cheek conure is the right bird for you is not always a black or white answer. What would be a great beginner parrot for some may be a horrible beginner parrot for others. This is why in this video, I talk more so about the different lifestyles people have and see if a green cheek conure would be suitable for that specific way of living. I wanted to do this in hopes to give some of those a little direction when they are trying to decide if a green cheek conure would be a good beginner parrot for them.

If there is a certain lifestyle that I didn’t cover in this video, please let me know in the comments and I’ll try my best to help out and give some options πŸ™‚ Green cheek conures can be the absolute best beginner parrot for you but….. gotta make sure they fit your lifestyle! Play a little matchmaking if you know what I mean πŸ˜‰


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    18 replies to "Is A Green Cheek Conure The Right Beginner Parrot For You?"

    • Alysa Fay

      I am getting a pineapple green cheek on saturday…he is 5 years old and his owner can't keep him ….can you give me tips on how to make him most comfortable and make sure he doesn't become depressed

    • β™ͺβ€’KiwiTheGamingParrotβ€’β™ͺ

      I'm actually a really free person, but I'm worried about the future, it might change and that scares me

    • Kristen Bennett

      Imma cyber slap youπŸ˜‚

    • journeyquest1

      He ate me out of house and home. He stalked me everywhere i went. He tore my place up. Must i go on?

    • Chica The Green Cheek Conure

      Absolute a friend. A bit nippy when they are young. But with right treatment. They are just AWESOMEπŸ˜ƒ

    • Bird Tv

      So I have two birds an Indian ringneck and a budgie. And I wanted a green cheek for so so long now, and this video helped me a lot. I do go to school for 5 and a half hours but there is always someone at home with the birds when I am in school. Thank you Victoria

    • Just Tired

      i'm hoping to be getting a green cheek, as due to life reasons i am very incredibly antisocial. like im saying, no friends at all, i hardly even leave the house like ever. (so hehe i can have a bird as my little friend). considering the fact that ill be able to give a green-cheek my undivided attention, i'm just unsure if it'll be a safe idea to bring one into the environment i live in. my house isn't all too hectic, but i do have three cats and i don't want to stress out the bird if one comes into my room and stares the poor thing down. that is pretty much the only concern i have, but i can easily keep the cats out. if anyone else has any cats as well as a pet bird, what do you do to keep them tame with each other? and if you cant, what do you do to care for your bird without completely excluding your cat?

    • I’m the super saiyan mom

      It’s the living breathing creature for me. I’m going to be devastated as an adult if anything happens to that beautiful bird I wouldn’t be able to live with myself😩 I can do it but I’m just getting over my fear of birds

    • Luis Egger

      I'm currently wasting my entire time on YouTube or Tiktok, and I would love to do something else but everything is just so boring. Also I LOVE ANIMALS and would spend all the time in the world with one. But there is also a cat in our neighborhood and this cat is super often in our house and sleeps on my bed and stuff. We also fed this cat together with our neighbor. If the cat is in the same room as my potential parrot for like around 1.5 hours every third day, can I even get a parrot? Like I think the cat would definitely try to eat the birb. Should I try not allowing the cat in my room to kind of "train him to not go in my room" and if he enters instantly "throw him out my room". And also how much do you spend on one bird per month? Can I train my future bird to poop in one specific place?

    • Northern Parrots

      Useful information.

    • budgie central

      i really am genuinely worried for her. she was fine and normal before but it seems like she’s manic or something. her mannerisms and style are worrisome and super opposite from how she was before. hopefully she gets the help she needs

    • Cheryl Baxter

      My conure not playful since I got quaker he doesn't come to me anymore

    • Nitzy Black

      Thank you so much for your 'telling-it-like-it-is' program! Love it! My GCC is the love of my life but is everything you describe. Thank you!

    • ROYAL b i r b

      Well my livestyle is pretty good and gonna get a parakeet on my b-day

    • Animation Fan

      If you live in a house, do you still advice against getting two green cheeks?

      Which breed would you say is the most cuddly and/or easy going if we compare a green cheek and a senegal parrot?

    • Melissa Cummings

      i stay at home most the day/night i have 2 cockatiels and a green cheek. However they do not like eachother. So dividing my time btween the 3 birds is a bit challenging.. cause when i have Peanut out the gcc out the tiels want out, when i have the tiels out my GCC wants love haha

    • Mary Lovato

      I’m a stay at home mom with a one year old- I want one SO BAD. When she’s asleep I want that bird with me, when I’m feeding my baby- I want him with us, I wanna snuggle with it and feed it and play with it and I’m just projecting my deep desire for this bird 😭 I’ll stop now πŸ˜ƒπŸ–πŸ»

    • Kindnss

      You shouldn't keep a bird alone since they're animals that live in large groups (!!!)

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