Conures are a diverse, loosely defined group of small to medium-sized parrots. All living conure species live in Central and South America. Despite being large for parakeets, conures are lightly built with long tails and small (but strong) beaks. Conure beaks always have a small cere and are usually horn-coloured (Gray) or black. Most conure species live in flocks of 20 or more birds. Conures often eat grain, and so are treated as agricultural pests in some places.
The category conure is loosely defined because they do not currently constitute a natural, scientific grouping. The term conure is now used mostly in aviculture. Scientists tend to refer to these birds as “parrots” or “parakeets”.
The video covers 10 Genus of Conure which includes 55 species. The video does not cover the Conuropsis genus which consisted of the Carolina parakeet which is now extinct. This video also does not cover the different mutations of the subspecies.
The species included in this video are:
• Sun parakeet or sun conure
• Jandaya parakeet or jenday conure
• Golden-capped parakeet
• Dusky-headed parakeet/Weddell’s conure or dusky-headed conure
• Nanday parakeet
• Ochre-marked parakeet
• Maroon-bellied parakeet
• Blaze-winged parakeet
• Crimson-bellied parakeet
• Pearly parakeet
• Green-cheeked parakeet
• Painted parakeet
• Venezuelan parakeet
• Santarém (Hellmayr’s) parakeet,
• Madeira parakeet
• Bonaparte’s (Deville’s) parakeet
• Rose-fronted parakeet
• White-eared (maroon-faced) parakeet
• Grey-breasted parakeet
• Pfrimer’s parakeet
• Fiery-shouldered parakeet
• Santa Marta parakeet
• Maroon-tailed parakeet
• El Oro parakeet
• Black-capped (rock) parakeet.
• White-necked parakeet
• Flame-winged (brown-breasted) parakeet
• Red-eared parakeet
• Rose-headed (rose-crowned) parakeet
• Sulphur-winged parakeet
• peach-fronted parakeet
• Caatinga parakeet or cactus parakeet
• Orange-fronted parakeet or half-moon conure
• olive-throated parakeet
• brown-throated parakeet or St. Thomas conure
• Hispaniolan parakeet
• Puerto Rican parakeet (extinct)
• Red-masked parakeet, or cherry-headed conure
• Cuban parakeet
• Finsch’s parakeet
• Green parakeet
• Socorro’s parakeet
• Red-throated parakeet
• White-eyed parakeet
• Mitred parakeet
• Pacific parakeet
• Scarlet-fronted parakeet, or Wagler’s conure
• Cordilleran parakeet
• Patagonian Conure
• Austral Conure
• Slender-billed Conures
• Golden or Queen of Bavaria conure
• Golden-plumed conure
• Yellow-eared conure
• Blue-crowned conure
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Sit back and enjoy the different varieties of Conures!
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