Our conure 3 month old Pyrrhura molinea cinnamon just loves to cuddle!

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    • 74G56

      not so much bite, but nibble… for some reason she always treats the face with a lot of care. pruning around the eyes, nose and ears. hands are another matter…

    • Craig Hunter

      Green cheeks are so lovable!

    • Corey Miller

      so cute…ever bite ur ear?

    • Milly Mae


    • Janice G

      I have a cinnamon that looks just like yours. She loved to tuck her beak behind my ear the same way yours does.

    • Stacy Butler

      Aww, so cute!
      My little Orange Faced use to snuggle right about that spot and would get herself tangled up in my hair. Being happy as a little clam of course.

    • verticalsmurf

      I love giving my Sun Conure, Phoenix scratches and cuddles. He closes his eyes and fluffs up his head and tips it to the left. I have no idea why, but he always tips his head to the left.
      After Phoenix has had enough I get preened. It tickles, but it is also very sweet.
      It makes me feel really special that my little bird would trust me like that.

    • EM KAY

      thats still a baby!!!!!!

    • Craig Hunter

      What a precious bird!

    • mikejessmax

      That is one good scratchy that she's gettin'

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