This is another video of Oscar free flying on Georgia Tech Campus. Oscar has been trained in many ways so that he is prepared for the outdoors. I didn’t just bring him out and let him loose. I have flown him in large areas that are enclosed first with high ceilings. I have also introduced him to unfamiliar birds and let them fly around to let him get use to not leaving me to chase them. In this video you can see stray birds and it doesn’t phase him at all. I have read many articles and training exercises from experts and consulted with them personally before I did any free flights. I only take him to wide open fields, and make sure no predators are in the area. You can see in this video Oscar enjoys the outdoors and feels comfortable being there. I take this process seriously and take the proper precautions to make the free flight safe and enjoyable.

With all that said I hope you enjoy the video!

    17 replies to "Oscar Wild Green Cheek Conure Free Flight At Georgia Tech"

    • Lisa Hebert

      My green cheek conure loves this video. So glad I found it.

    • Veronica Silva

      So beautiful Woww how did u make him do that I would like to do same w my gcc

    • Annastasia Sciberras

      I have an Oska Wild (that is his name) who islso a free fight forager.

    • yikes

      Me and my conure are fairly well bonded, but not enough to do this, so I'm excited for the day I might be able to do this

    • Moto Rick

      Green Cheeks are fast flyers. I have 3 that I dearly love.

    • J W

      These conures are amazing. I have one. I will try this next summer. I dont think she will fly away. She loves following me around the house always.

    • WolfyVenus

      Me have a green cheek conure he flies. But he always sticks around our backyard we have seed and water for him outside. I let him fly around and he always comes back. Edit: he flew away. Im heartbroken. He just flew away and never came back. This morning my mom took my bird outside and then he flew away. Never coming back. Im so sad rn

    • Reggie Glubber

      Nope. A larger bird or predator could snatch him up.

    • Ice Cold Bambino

      My goffin cockatoo has flown out of the house several times and almost lost him so I wouldn't ever free flight any of my bird

    • ZenHome Nathalie

      bonjour super de pouvoir laisser voler en libertés sa conure, je viens d'en aquerrir une conure sa fait 15 jours je pense que quand elle aura refait ces plume d'aile je vais avoir des frayeur de la laisser s'envoler et peur qu'elle ne reviennent pas/ hello great to be able to let its conure fly freely, I just aquerrinise a conure its done 15 days I think that when it will have redone these wing feathers I will be afraid to let it fly and fear that she don't come back

    • sanjay bakshi

      I love my conure and wouldn't have the guts to do this

    • Patty TheCheerfulGreenCheek

      Wow 😍 👍 really cool that your conure is able to follow you even if you are outside in a park where he actually has the chance to fly away

    • MrPepper312

      Do you still have Oscar ?

    • Life of Pillo

      Wow can you do this !

    • Kamran

      Cuteee I wish my 7 months old gcc Learns how to free fly I'm teaching him!

    • Vic Adventures

      So tamed excellent our conure would just fly of lol he’s out of his cage atm enjoying cuddles and having a play but great to c this

    • Endran R

      Thats fantastic! Oscar wild 🙂

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