6 replies to "Recall and flight training."

    • nefarious

      Are you using leash extensions for your conures' Aviators?

    • Caprice Wilton

      What brand of harness is this? I'm getting a pearly conure at the end of February and I will be harness training her. I have the aviator harness but I have not tried it with my turquoise GCC yet.

    • Sunny Sharif

      what size harness is this and when did you start training them?

    • Muazzam Channel [MC]

      Boss mana mau dapat harness t yaa

    • za what

      bang orang malaysia ke?

    • Joshua Jones

      Very smart, with the cable. Did you use a different type of tether near the bird that wasnt cable? It looked black closer to the bird, maybe lighter weight.

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