In this video you’ll see a Crimson Bellied Conure, a Painted Conure, a Black Capped Conure, and some Cinnamon Green Cheeked Conures. A Half Moon Conure makes a very short appearance.

These are young birds in a large flight cage. Behind them you can see some of our breeding cages for individual pairs. These house Dilute Mutation Green Cheeked Conures.

We also have many other color mutation Green Cheeked Conures as well as White Eared Conures and Rosiefrons Conures. All together, at this time, we have twenty-seven pure species of Conures.

    3 replies to "Some Pretty Pyrrhura Conures"

    • antwan g major

      Fantastic video. Thanks for sharing. Very well done.

    • Mary Huthnance

      Beautiful – great job filming them!!

    • Dorothy Rambin

      They are so pretty. Thank you for sharing these.

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