Green cheek conure free fly

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    • @mohabmoustafa

      How old is it in this video?

    • @user-ds4uo8hj7h

      Thank you for this video! So cool to know this is possible, going to start training my guys!

    • @adaralombardi8143

      People really dont understand what free fly training is. I… these birds are TRAINED to recall back to you. NEVER attempt to bring your bird outside without proper training. This takes HOURS and hours of training. Just because a gcc is smaller than a macaw doesnt mean its impossible, I free fly my gcc starting from 6 months old and turned 1 year old yesterday. This takes TIME. Please do proper research on what free flying is before bashing on this person. You arent being cool you are being rude, dismissing the hours of training this takes.

    • @lifewithlaffy7931

      This looked fun but PLEASE use a harness just in case of emergency

    • @arwencronin8697

      Wtf r u crazy?!? Ur bird could fly away and you’d never see it again. It doesn’t matter that it’s “trained”. If it gets spooked by anything, it might not come back. My friend had a free flight gcc. She took it for a walk with no harness on her shoulder. It got spooked by a car. It flew away and she never saw him again. She was devastated. I’m not tryna hate, I’m tryna spare you heartache and certain death for ur gcc

    • @alimgbk

      Nak train ff… Ni waktu dia lapar atau dh makan

    • @victoriathegreencheekconur5477

      So cute but maybe don’t go on the road maybe go to the park or a normal place but still cute

    • @gabrielcanon6822

      Bird: fly away
      Man: hey hey

    • @silxnce7122

      You fool do u have any idea how that green cheek parrot could of died just by getting eaten by hawk or a eagle??!?!?!?

    • @rjsclick4551

      Hey buddy.. it's a great video. Recent I got a yellow sided conure . He is around 2 month old. Can you please tel me how can I train him for free flight.

    • @killaxxy

      So cute and smart

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